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All of our services can be tailor made for a totally bespoke funeral

Inclusive Burial Service £1700 + chosen burial plot fee

This is a simple, personal, woodland funeral providing all that is necessary from the time of death through to burial and will include the following:

  • 24 hour personal attendance and advice on organising a 'green' funeral over the telephone and in the comfort of your own home or at our private premises in Wood Walton
  • The collection of the body within a 20 mile radius, or outside this area by request.

If collection of the body is urgent and required out of hours, there will unfortunately be an additional charge of £180.

  • Care of the deceased.
  • An environmentally safe cardboard coffin complete with fittings and cotton linings with option to upgrade - please see alternative coffin details below.
  • The provision of a driver and vehicle to carry the coffin to the burial ground
  • Sufficient staff and Funeral Director attendance on the day
  • Our professional services, including all administration
  • We do not embalm the emphasis is on minimal, non-invasive, and environmentally-friendly care of the body as preferred by the burial ground.


    Woodland Burials & Simple Cremations

    Woodland Wishes

    Other Services

    Direct Inclusive Cremation £1800

    This is a cremation without a ceremony. The ashes are returned to you, giving you the freedom to hold a funeral, memorial or celebration of life wherever, whenever, however and if you so choose.

    More info on direction cremations

    Full Inclusive Cremation Funeral £2600

    Everything you need for a fully inclusive uncomplicated cremation funeral.

    Please telephone for more information on these services.

    We request that the full cost of the funeral is paid within three days of making the arrangements, by cleared cheque, BACS transfer or cash.


    Dove releaseHorse drawn dray, dove, butterfly and balloon release also available on request

    A selection of locally made, biodegradable and sustainable coffins:

    The cardboard Coffin

    The Cardboard Coffin

    Strong and sturdy in buff (all colours or images available). INCLUDED IN THE PRICE

    The Curved Coffin

    Curved Coffin

    The Tree of Life. Solid wood, curved, handcrafted and painted (or paint it yourself). Other beautiful designs available. Additional cost of £950

    Somerset Willow Coffin

    Willow Coffin

    Lovingly hand woven locally in Cambridge and Somerset. Additional cost of £595

    The Wool Coffin

    The Wool Coffin

    Pure new British wool supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. Additional cost of £650

    The Leaf Coccoon II Shroud

    The Leaf Cocoon II Shroud

    Handmade felt cocoon with wood base and handles. Additional cost of £350

    The Pine Coffin

    The Pine Coffin

    Classic solid pine wood from sustainable forests.
    Additional cost of £550

    The Pine Coffin

    Sunset Coffin

    Made from 100% recycled newspaper with a velvety touch in pastel colours.
    Additional cost of £500